About Us


The family services department/Family Resource
Center of the Roaring Fork Schools strengthens
student health, well-being and academic
achievement by partnering with families, schools
and communities.

Vision and Goals

Our vision, goals and objectives
are built on our organizational
values of equity, trust and compassion.

Organization Overview

FRC was planned and implemented in 1995 by a community task force that convened to address an identified trend of children with significant health and basic needs that impeded academic success. Today we operate as a school- and community-based family resource center with a bilingual, bicultural family liaison in each of the 12 traditional Roaring Fork School District (RFSD) schools and across our three core communities. Our team provides strengths-based family support services in alignment with the Strengthening Families Protective Factors Framework. We are a proud member of the Colorado Family Resource Center Association (FRCA)

Our bicultural, biliterate family liaisons conduct the daily work of the organization, providing comprehensive, coordinated case management for families using the two-generation model that supports the needs of both parents and children simultaneously. We utilize FRCA’s Family Development framework and the Family Pathways tool to build on families’ strengths and identify goals that will cultivate family stability and well-being.

We serve children, youth and families in Glenwood Springs, Carbondale and Basalt, spanning Garfield, Eagle and Pitkin counties; and any family with children ages 0 to 21 living within the school district boundaries, including those in independent, private and charter schools. Most of our families have struggled to access healthcare, experienced difficult social or behavioral issues, have a low family income or encounter language barriers. We also serve students in foster care, and students and families experiencing homelessness or migrant employment. The families with which we work reflect the socioeconomic disparities and cultural and linguistic diversity of our region; 98 percent live at or below the federal poverty level and 80 percent identify as Hispanic/Latinx. The majority of our families’ home language is Spanish.

As the connections to resources and services we provide are broad, we are strategically aligned with many other various organizations including Garfield School District Re-2 and Re-16, Mountain Family Health Centers, Focused Kids/Focused Families, Aspen Family Connections/Aspen School District, Valley Settlement, Mind Springs Health and The Hope Center. We work closely with our three county departments of human services, parent educators, outreach and enrollment partners and other partners in the human services field. We are also part of our school district’s leadership and executive teams.

Family Resource Center maintains a diverse funding stream with government grants (federal, state, county, local), government contracts, foundations, state associations, businesses, individual/ community contributions, events and in-kind contributions. A significant amount of support comes from the Roaring Fork School district. If you would like to make a financial contribution to Family Resource Center, please mail a check to 400 Sopris Avenue, Carbondale, CO 81623 or donate via PayPal. Please contact our bookkeeper,
Ruth Muse, with questions.


Family Resource Center Association

We are a proud member of the Colorado Family Resource Center Association (FRCA). Working with 32 member centers, FRCA provides public advocacy, capacity-building and resource-development to strengthen its statewide network of family resource centers as they bring help and hope to Colorado families.


Annual Report

At the end each calendar year, we conduct a comprehensive audit of the work our team completed in the previous school year. Our most recent report outlines details about who we served, how we collaborated with community partners and more.